Most of the times, we restrict our searches on online dating sites to areas within, say 50 miles of us. Or whatever distance you feel comfortable driving to. But how has that been working out for you so far?

Most people don’t think of dating outside their country even if the idea of a long-distance relationship appeals to them. But that is also the problem – it prevents them from finding true love. Sometimes, it could just happen that the one you are destined to be with for a lifetime resides outside the borders of your country.

So, how do you meet them, even if a particular profile interests you?
This is the best part. We will actually pay for your travel, if there is a high match between you and that person, say above 80%. Because we want you to find true love, and experience bliss in the arms of the person you were meant to be with.
Still not convinced?

Here are some reasons why dating a foreigner can be fun.

They come from a different culture: Not only can this be interesting to learn about, their customs and traditions are likely to be entirely different from what you have been used to all your life. For instance, if a Welsh man gives you a wooden spoon that he has carved himself, that is actually his way of asking “Will you be mine?”. And if you are willing, you have to wear it.

If you are getting married in the Russian Orthodox Church, you and your fiancé are officially crowned king and queen for the day, provided you share his/her faith. But before you get to the part where you exchange vows, you need to race him/her to the carpet where you do so – the winner is proclaimed the head of the household.


Just like you are bound to find him/her interesting, he/she will also find you interesting. This cultural difference and intrigue is something that local matches could never provide.


Their country could be beautiful: There are always truly awesome places that take your breath away in every country, and visiting the country of your date could be welcome change from your own surroundings. He/she, in turn, will feel likewise and find your own country fascinating. This is how the both of you can be happy together – for a very long time.


What if he/she is only pretending for the sake of coming to my country?


This is the most common objection and a very valid one, especially if you belong to the developed world and the person you are interested in or who is interested in you belongs to a not so developed country.


We don’t want your heart to be broken any more than you do. All our profiles are screened and vetted to minimize the chances of this happening. In any case, we do not want to be held liable for being a party to a sham marriage, should that happen. Our objective is only to help you find the man/woman of your dreams, just like our founder did – this is what prompted him to start ParFly in the first place.


Advantages of being in a long-distance relationship


If it can survive the distance, it can survive anything: If you find are ever lucky enough to be in a relationship where you and your partner don’t mind being separated by thousands of miles and/or different time zones, you can rest assured this one is for keeps – it will outlast anything that is thrown at it. In fact, it would be doing so already!


More meaningful communication: A study by Cornell University researchers found that although the quantum of conversation is limited, it is more meaningful than among those in a ‘normal’ relationship where they interact with each other more often. Talking about how much you miss each other adds more to your relationship than expressing dismay at how the Pirates lost their last ball game.


Retain your independence: Because you get a lot of ‘me’ time without your significant other being around most of the time (as does tend to happen when you are seeing someone locally), there is no reason for your compromise on your values or what you stand for – in other words, you can be yourself without having to transform yourself to somebody that you think he/she would like.


Your trust in him/her tends to grow exponentially: This is one of the benefits of being in a long-distance relationship. You realize how to face your worst fears, and when you overcome that part, it is replaced by trust – the kind which will cement your relationship and give you the strength and courage to move forward.


At, we believe that there is someone out there for everyone!

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