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Update your profile picture:

You might look better in an older picture, but nothing puts off people more than when they see someone they weren’t expecting (and this is based on your profile picture).

Even if it is current, is it attractive enough to others? You might want to ask a friend of the opposite gender this question – a duck face of a fish gape may not exactly be the pose that brings out your best features. Remember, your profile picture is the first thing others see, and first impressions matter a lot when it comes to online dating.

Focus on whom you want to meet:

There is absolutely no point in messaging just about everyone in a 50-mile radius and within a 10-year age range. Even if someone responds, that might not be the person you really want to meet.

The best way is to take a break – close your eyes, and visualize the person you want to meet. Write down the physical characteristics and qualities that you would like to see in the person of your dreams, and see which of them can be included on your profile. For the ones that cannot (everyone has their preferences, and you might come across as silly if you stated your preference for those with enchanting green eyes), you can still keep them on your notepad, and then search again – you might be surprised at how a focused approach yields better results and gets you closer to success than an unfocused one.

Have another look at the text of your message:

Chances are that you have a generic message template that you send out to everyone. The problem with this is, those who receive it know instantly when it is something that you send out to a dozen others – it is evident by something as small as the lack of the name of the intended recipient. Even if you take care to include their names, the rest of the message is a dead giveaway.

Try writing a personalized message/email to everyone you want to meet, try talking about common interests, and not about how ‘hot’ you find him/her. Nobody, both men and women, likes to be treated like a piece of meat. Relationships based on physical attraction alone don’t last. The possibility of you receiving a response is higher when you are trying to have an intelligent conversation.

Has your profile been worded right?

Remember, this is how people get to know who you are and decide whether or not to get in touch with you. If you use terms like ‘successful’ when describing those you would be interested in going out with, it tell others who view your profile that you are looking for someone with money.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet someone smart and accomplished, but you should avoid terms that cause others to have a negative opinion of you. You can always decline messages from those who don’t meet your standards.

Ensure that the text on your profile is free of all grammatical errors and typos.

Be patient:

This is the name of the game. Results can take a painfully long and slow time to arrive, but don’t get discouraged. Persistence pays off at the end – there is someone out there for everyone!

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